Thirsting Fangs (poem)~


i am amazed at how bright

the moon’s rays are tonight,

yet it’s the shadows the moon casts

that call out my name


the chill in the air feels haunting

yet exciting

the contrasts are stark

the shadows…inviting


in the illumination of the lunar glow

the darkness seems to scream

louder, LOUDER

keeping me entranced


i see things i don’t know are real

will they take me as their hostage

will the darkness hold me as i lust for the light

will the night plunge its thirsting fangs

into the exposed flesh of my neck


oh my

it’s amazing how bright

the moon is tonight


©Linda Neckel White


before you know~

before you know it

To my girls; Natalie and Liberty,

and to all the little girls and boys…

Just don’t quit dancing!

Step up~

kick bootyOh, we women are much more valuable than we ever give ourselves credit for.  We are strong, resilient and brave beyond belief.  The things that make us falter are hunger, anger, loneliness and being just plain tired…not to mention other people’s emotions (OPE), which is a huge one, since many women are empaths.  The blessing and the curse of being a sensitive human with our own emotions.

But we must remember, that without us, there would be no nations, no men, no children.  Our vaginas hold the key to life; birth being grandest of miracles.  How friggin’ phenomenal are we!!

Because of that and many more marvelous traits, we need to step UP, take the world back!!  Bring back the notion of love and nurturing one another.  I don’t mean be a servant or slave, even to your partner, I’m talking about the simple act of caring for a fellow human being, animal, life in general.  We have lost the softer side.  Embracing the feminine is not a bad thing…it is yin and yang.

Is that ever a bad thing??

My Teacher (poem)~


you said you’d never teach anyone

to cook again or spit poetry


you said the student out learns

                            the master

each generation grander

expectations higher than the one before it


but i beg you to continue

              to be my teacher

you add grandeur to my level life

inject wisdom into stagnant veins


you are my leader

feeder of my hopes and dreams

handing over the reigns when i am ready


you steady my breathing

steady my beating heart

you are the sea breeze under limp sails


you are the nail that holds my vision

neatly framed and matted


so please don’t stop teaching

i need you

I need to learn the lessons

so we can lead another generation to greatness


you are the sweetness

in the spring air

(for Maude Ena Headlam, aka Mummy, my teacher)

©Linda Neckel White 

If you only knew~


I think by now, it’s widespread knowledge that laughter is truly a miracle tonic, with euphoric affects. Take a second or ten and read up on some of the benefits of laughter here.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love to laugh, and cut up, and act the fool. I often wonder why I didn’t give standup comedy a try. Still might. My thoughts go all over the place, zany stuff that shocks even me at times.  I’m always cracking myself up. Maybe that’s why I don’t mind my own company.  I find myself quite amusing.

So what kind of things tickle your fancy?  What makes you grasp your side from laughter?  What makes your cheeks hurt from the smiles that can’t be contained?

We need to remain childlike, find the wonderment with the world we once had and laugh from the belly when it tickles our fancy. The benefits far out way the risks…I promise.

Cheers (poem)~

here's to you


here’s to all the lonely days

when memory’s footsteps echo loudly

in the hollow cavity that once housed my heart

ah, the quietude, illusive at times, always divine

I savor those lonely days

so here’s to you, sweet silence you

sweet, sweet solitude

why must you try so hard to elude

©Linda Neckel White

Hug an Elder (the tree and the human being)

Tree in Hard Labor State Park in central Georgia elder love laugh lunacy

Learn to love the elders, learn to listen to their stories.  There’s a youthful exuberance when they reminisce, a gleam in their eyes, a smile on their lips.

I listen, I mean really listen, and ask questions, unexpected questions and watch them blossom and bloom.  It’s amazing what a little watering and sun will do.

I love the elderly, I reverence their history.  I say we sage, not age, each gaining unique knowledge and perspective.  I like to tap that fountain, encourage them to share their wisdom in hopes that I am enlightened from some newly heard confession that heightens passion and stimulates the muse.

In that way, we share a rarity, we share life sustaining energy, to carry us both through yet another day.

So today, hug an elder…the tree and the human being.

If I Could (poem excerpt)

hum to the rhythm(Excerpt from if I could)~If I could, I would fill each day, in each life, with the Spirit. You know the Spirit I’m talking about…That Spirit our earthly vocabulary has no words to describe. The kind that quickens your heart, right from the very start. The Spirit that stirs down deep inside your very core and spews out like molten lava. The kind that causes every hair on the surface of your body to stand at attention!! You know the Spirit I’m talkin’ about…the kind that makes you smile that smile you smile. Yah…The kind of Spirit that makes you hum when there is no music, just the rhythm of your own sweet soul. Yahhh…you know what I’m talkin’ about.                      

©linda neckel white


It’s the knowing~


I’m apparently a peninsula kind of girl, since I’m from Michigan and I now live in Florida.

This time of year, when the humidity starts to finally back off a few percentages, the coolness of the air on the skin is a welcome relief.   ~~>follow me if you know, too~~>

Lackadaisical (poem)~


its movement is far from intentional

more lackadaisical…fluid


as if in denial of the spiral

the downward force

that fastens us to the source   ~~>follow the autumn breeze~~>