It’s all cool~

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I sooo welcome the lower humidity of SW Florida this mid-October. By the end of September, most of us that stay here year round are burned out by the sun, the heat and humidity. I love the feel of the sub-tropics, don’t get me wrong. And I actually like the feel of sweat on my forearm when I walk a few feet, across the street, to the mailbox. But by September, the air is thick and a lot of peeps be gettin’ sick ’cause the air just sits there…stagnant.   ~~>Come meet Bella!~~>

Butterflies On Our Shoulders (poem)~

Copy of april 2011 098

i feel butterfly toes on my shoulders

where i have a mole that sprouted legs

and walked away


they say nature is everywhere

particularly where only the goddesses breathe ~~>Follow the Butterflies~~>

Plant your pumpkin here~

Pumpkin season…my fav!  I love pumpkin everything that I’ve tried, so far.  I’m always looking for easy recipes since I’m not real fluent in the kitchen  I didn’t get that gene.  Shared this recipe with dad.

Got any recipes, fairly easy, that are tried and true?  Plant your pumpkin recipe here, let’s share.   ~~>Get your Pumpkin Groove on~~>

Let me just say, FU cancer!!


This month is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and by now, most of us know the dangers of not getting tested and doing self-exams.

Last year, at this time, our family was hit with the realness of cancer when our sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.   She had a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation and she is now cancer free!  Hallelujah to all the powers that be, or what I refer to as gPoTu (great power of the universe).   ~~>Give cancer a FU~~>

Is This Where You Belong?

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I’m looking to belong somewhere, not sure where that is, but I never quite felt like I fit in here, wherever that may be.  I suspect we have all felt like that at one time or another throughout life.  Surely I can’t be the only one.   ~~> follow me to HERE~~>