Crazy mofos 1~

Yep, that’s us, my husband and I.  Between the two of us, we can tackle almost anything, and have often put ourselves to that test.  We started off small; fix up a car here or there for a little flow money.  Then we tried our hand at designing, cutting and painting craft items.  Those were mostly given as gifts throughout the years to friends and family along the way.  I have pieces of me all over the place.

After trying other things on for size, we moved on to buying, living in, fixing up, having fun in…did I say living in, a lot of houses, did i say a lot?  (I’ve moved 28 times in my life.)  We could be professional movers, we have it down to a science. But…

~~you won’t believe this~~

Amazing (Audio)~

Here’s another audio for your enjoyment.  You can view the photo and words to this poem on my earlier blog by clicking the link below:

Thirsting Fangs Poem/Photo

Hope everyone is having a fine day.

Bella’s mishap~

This is my little fluff muffin (no comments on that please! lol), or my hairy tumor (must be said with a New York accent).  She was a gift to myself at the age of 50! First puppy I’ve ever had, and what a joy.  She just turned 7 on October 20th, so yes, for you mathematicians, that makes me 57.

 Baby Bella Donna White

Baby Bella Donna White

In the mornings we walk around the neighborhood, getting out to stretch our legs and breathe in some fresh air before we start our day.  We love this time together; saying good day to the squirrels and the hood cats, with an occasional nose-to-nose hello.  More folks are returning to their winter homes, so we stop and let them pet Bella ‘because all humans were created for her’, you know.  I spend my time looking for photo opportunities and encouraging Bella to stay focused.

~~Read about Bella’s mishap~~

Butterflies on our shoulders (audio)~

Hey, I learned a new trick.  Videos may be next…

This audio is me reciting butterflies on our shoulders.

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as far as you can dream (excerpt)~

greet yourself with skies that carry hope

with fertile soil that cultivates growth

for as far as you can dream

you can surely be

(excerpt from a letter from lady liberty)

©Linda Neckel White

Get on out there~

get out and go

Some days, I get so bogged down by the daily activities and duties that surround everyday life.  I truly must remind myself to get out…go somewhere.  Whether it’s a walk with Miss Bella around a few blocks in the neighborhood, or a short drive to wherever, it’s just good to get out and shake it up a bit.  Look at something or someone new, share a smile or a ‘good day’.  My greatest and cheapest entertainment is to get out and look for synchronicity.  Synchronicity really gets my blood flowing, like I would imagine running does to those that can run.  Synchronicity reminds me that I am on the right path in life, it’s the universe reminding me of the miracles and surprises that happen daily, when you are looking for them, and often when we’re not.

I love it when I’m at the store, or wherever, and connect with someone through a smile or eye contact.  For that little moment, I am charged with energy and in turn, I hope that the other person also feels that spark of energy.  Those are the things that keep me moving, keep me looking, keep me going forward, until the next exchange of energy.  Of course we want that energy to be positive, and I do hope that negative energy is never spread by me.  That is not my goal in life.  But love, laughter and lunacy…yeah, bring it on!

So get out and go somewhere, anywhere, and share the love, charge that battery.