Still Remodeling~

Hello all, how are you making it through the winter?  Spring is a comin’…I can smell it in air.  Mother Nature has her subtle ways of reminding us that she is in charge, and sometimes not too subtle.  But spring is a comin’.


We are still in the process of making the motor home our own.  Things have settled down now after the hoopla of the holidays, and we are in-between company, so we are back to working on it, and we actually went camping again.  The first time in the RV without any rain!!  Woohoo~

We still have not gotten the window treatments done, nor have we reupholstered the dinette and still haven’t found the fabric for the headboard yet, oh, and don’t forget the shower redo, but what we have gotten done are some of the fun things.  My husband, always wanting to play.

Our wet camp site in the keys, it never quit raining.

Our wet camp site in the keys, it never quit raining (in Dec 2015)

First off, we had a detour in the remodeling due to a leak around the slide-out, and since every camping trip we have taken it out it rained, Randy took it apart and replaced the whole seal.  He’s incredible.  What he doesn’t know, he will spend hours investigating until he conquers it.

So with that done, we were able to move on with some off the other things that we wanted to get done.  Small things like painting plug plates and light switches.  The hood fan over the stove is no longer off-white, it is now black to match the other appliances.  Also painted some of the wood trim an off-white instead of the god-awful pink tones it had.  Randy also built new cabinets for the slide-out, using the old doors and new hardware.

hood vent/before

hood vent/after

hood vent/after

new drop down ceiling (in brown), accent lighting, new trim paint

new drop down ceiling (in brown), accent lighting, new trim paint

Some of the larger things are a new ceiling in the bedroom, haven’t covered it yet, but the wood is up.  We may put a small, ceiling-hugging ceiling fan the bedroom, I like moving air when I sleep, so that’ll be cool (no pun intended).  Also, a new drop-down ceiling in the living room area with some pretty magical (disco anyone?) lights wrapping around the edge.  He’s a crazy boy!  When we were camping this past weekend, it was just too calming to lay in there and listen to some classic rock and look at the lights.  Awesomeness.

new fireplace where shelf used to be

new fireplace where shelf used to be

                                                                    Since we’ve been home, crazy boy has already added a (fake) fireplace in the thing.  Mind you we’ve been home for 2 days.  Good grief man!  He’s setting some pretty good ambiance…he must want me!  That’s pretty sweet after 28 years together.

such ambiance~

such ambiance~

We come by this camping thing naturally.  Camping is the only vacation my family has ever experienced in our youth.  I’ve always loved it, but I don’t do the tent thing, not with this broken body.  We started out with a slide-on truck camper, remodeled that too.  Then we went to a 5th wheel, then a bigger 5th wheel, then a motor home.  We then tried to down size to a smaller pull-behind trailer, then a bigger pull-behind trailer, and now on to our current RV.  When will the madness stop!!

Just for reference, my parents are soon to be 85, and this was their set-up at the campground this past weekend.  Oh daddy, I guess it is true, you marry a man like your father…help me.

018ab4904ec5715e7c93e0a8f2fc0b1916fbd203e7011c9d49eabe5553dd6cce29bb898080ed3d01814fAnd just because I haven’t done this yet, and should have all along, I want to give a huge shout out to North Trail RV in Fort Myers, Peter is a great salesman.  Good people!!

Field of Poetry (audio & poem)~

field of poetry

i like to sit on the floor
and spread my words around me
surround myself with a field of poetry
let my toes turn the pages

i find comfort
in keeping their company
like family who needs
no explanations

i sit amidst engrossing content
concocted stories and stanzas
mystified as if
i didn’t write them

i am soothed by their smells
like fresh tilled country soil
unspoiled furrows of
dark rich earth
ready to give birth
to field corn and soybeans

i feel connected
with a tether of flesh
stronger than any baling twine
i don’t mind still being tied
to past evocations
those emotions are sustaining
remaining the only constant
in this representation of life

might i add
that i love the way they explain me
i’m hardly recognizable
memories intertwined with
others’ lives more interesting
than mine


i’m sitting on the floor
surrounded by a field of
sweet poetry

©Linda Neckel White

Already, So Soon

The Carousel Goes Round and Round~

The Carousel Goes Round and Round~

And just like that, we have passed the last day of the first month of the new year.  Couldn’t even tell you where I’ve been or why I haven’t been posting, life is just a whirlwind at times.The carousel continues on its path, wearing ruts in the grass; stuck going round and round, gaining no new ground.

I’ve been on the carousel.

I survived the gray days that came over me near the holidays. Whew, that’s all I’m gonna say. Also survived an odd series of rainy and dark days, weeks, in a normally dry Florida winter season. Mother E is reminding us of who is in charge of things…Nature; exquisite, exotic, maddening, defiant beauty that She is.  Bending our arms back with the pure power of her force, forcing us to look her in the eye. I hide my head in shame for the actions of those that lack respect.

So like many, I look to the new year as a time to reflect, take inventory, and revisit goals, try to regain control (like we ever had any).  At least if I think about these things, maybe make a few lists, take down a couple notes and do a little research, I feel better about myself.  OK, maybe not initially, but eventually.  Kind of like watching yoga on TV, I feel better afterwards, I stand taller, breathe deeper.  Just imagine how good I’d feel if I’d actually get down with some yoga moves (which I do, I’m just not religious about it, or anything).

So I’m off on a pretty good start for 2016. Have been dealing with a cold and the gray days, but the blues have been staying at bay.  I was re-energized by time spent with my sissy and her hubby.  I’ve lived in Florida for 12 years now, and have dear friends here and it feels like home, but there is something to be said about being with someone that knows you, I mean really ‘knows’ you, like a sister.  She represents so much to me, besides family. She represents roots and memories, hope and perseverance, stability and determination, my youth and my place.  Of course I could go on, but I shall refrain for the time being.

So I welcome myself back, from where I do not know, and I welcome you back.  Sometimes I just go.  Sometimes even I can’t stand myself (ha), but I know that eventually my colorful, funky, funny self will return.  Rest assure.  I always return…

beautiful lifeI am back.