Where Have I Been?

I’m sure a few of you have been wondering where I’ve been…and physically, I know where I am, but sometimes, mentally, I tend disappear. I’ve always thought it’s the writer in me. I’m a great pondered, analyzing everything…incessantly at times, looking at every angle of things. Why? I’m not entirely sure. Just a form of entertainment, I suppose. I enjoy my internal dialog and debates, on most days.

Seems like a whole lot of holidays have happened since I last wrote here.  Let me catch you up…

We are still living lightly, just in a much nicer home. We sold the motorhome and bought a 5th wheel.  We decided since we made the first 6 months of alternative living and have no real desire to own a tradition home at this point. we needed a wee bit more space  I love it and I LOVE the kitchen. I have sooo much more room, so I’m enjoying cooking again, which Randy is ecstatic about. He enjoys the benefits of that.


We have changed locations and have moved on from Ramblers Rest RV Resort north a tad, this will be our home for the next 6 month.  Should be a bit drier in this area during the rainy months ahead. I do miss the fabulous view of the Myakka River~but we will return in the autumn.

Still loving the lifestyle, even tho agencies can sure act like what you are doing is suspicious or something.  I’m not sure what the issue is. Last I knew it wasn’t against the law to live an alternative lifestyle.  Krikees, people can’t even get our address change to a postal service correct.  Customer care is on the endangered list in America…can it truly be that hard to change an address on a computer screen and hit save?  Ok, rant over

So, I want to begin sharing some of my photography with you.  It’s another great and fairly safe escape for me. I like fun and funky findings. I also often take pictures of subject matter that moves me in some way.  Also, at times, I’ll share a poem that the picture inspired me to write, or just share with you the thoughts the photo evokes.

Since we had a great 6 month at Ramblers, I thought I’d use that area as my first photography showcase.

I hope you enjoy, hope you feel joy, perhaps some zen in the images herein.