Bella’s mishap~

This is my little fluff muffin (no comments on that please! lol), or my hairy tumor (must be said with a New York accent).  She was a gift to myself at the age of 50! First puppy I’ve ever had, and what a joy.  She just turned 7 on October 20th, so yes, for you mathematicians, that makes me 57.

 Baby Bella Donna White

Baby Bella Donna White

In the mornings we walk around the neighborhood, getting out to stretch our legs and breathe in some fresh air before we start our day.  We love this time together; saying good day to the squirrels and the hood cats, with an occasional nose-to-nose hello.  More folks are returning to their winter homes, so we stop and let them pet Bella ‘because all humans were created for her’, you know.  I spend my time looking for photo opportunities and encouraging Bella to stay focused.

This morning, 2 pee stops into it, Miss Bella Donna was walking around on some grass and came out yipping and hopping.  There was something noticeably wrong with her left hind foot.  No sign of a snake, which was my first thought.  I did notice though, a honey bee had grabbed hold of her pad, and it was NOT letting go.  I wasn’t sure what to do since the only thing I kept hearing in my head was “save the bees”, but since it had already stung her, I figured it would die anyway, so I flicked it off.

Bella wouldn’t walk any further, I’m sure she was in a wee bit of pain.  So I carried her home (thank goodness she only weighs 15 pounds), gave her some Benadryl and removed the stinger.  She was acting really strange, hiding under my desk, under the bed, behind the chair, even in the shower. She has NEVER gone into my shower by herself.  Poor Bella.

Hiding in the shower.

With a little help from the Benadryl, some reassurance that the big bad bee is gone and some good old-fashioned rocking in the rocking chair, along with some humming (ok, maybe those last 2 things were for me), she has recovered nicely.  I’m hoping the memory of such a tragic experience doesn’t hamper my little buddy’s want to walk.  I’ll divert her attention to a squirrel or a local hood cat, yea, that’s what i’ll do…

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  1. i know exactly – have 2 kitties raised from birth, kneutsen and grayson -i go crazy and cry if i don’t know where they r.

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