Butterflies On Our Shoulders (poem)~

Copy of april 2011 098

i feel butterfly toes on my shoulders

where i have a mole that sprouted legs

and walked away


they say nature is everywhere

particularly where only the goddesses breathe


we carry her in our seed

the trinity of land air and sea

that created me and the butterfly on my shoulder


we must hold her on her throne

listen to her moans of despair

as she labors to repair torn tissue

issues that need addressing


she’s decompressing

trying to rid herself of impurities


nature is everywhere

ready to free us from

the snares of over-consumption

gluttonous ingestions of her gifts


we need balance

we need butterflies on our shoulders

and moles that sprout legs


we need to listen to what she’s saying

caress her thighs while she lies on her back

expelling the attack on her


when she only wants

to give us butterflies on our shoulders

© Linda Neckel White

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