The Heart of Heat (poem/rated R)

The heart of the heat is upon us in SW Florida, when the natives come alive, albeit with beads of sweat on everything from toenails to forearms, just from walking to the mailbox. A good daily detox if you walk, work or play in the great outdoors.  When the gulf and pools feel more like a party spa, with temps pushing 90, prime hurricane waters.

With summer comes skin, lots of skin, and some skin you would really not rather see…which brings me to today’s poem Keeper of Things (probably considered rated R). It’s a common sight, and you all know what I’m talking about. I mean no harm, I can’t help where my writer’s mind takes me, just enjoying the journey.

keeper of things

i could see his pooch
as he stood without his shirt on
sweat band ’round forehead

i in cut-offs and tank top
neither one of us wore a bra

80 year old man-breasts
similar to my chest
after teenage pregnancy
and nurturing babies

ah, gravity
and 33 years age difference

but my nipples
have been tugged on
by little mouths of hunger
eager lovers and mammogram machines

its amazing how far
they can flatten these things

now, they hold keys
my cell phone
hell, they could house this

the enclave
between these monuments
now house my personal belongings:
ID, money, memories of honeys

i wonder what he keeps in his valley
evidently nothing, ’cause i can see his

while mine
remain hid


(not that this guy is poochy or 80, just thought it was a funny pic)

Living Lightly~7

Things at the crib have been going rather nicely. I think we have hit a stride that seems to work, balancing our busy work schedules with the need to rest, exercise and nourish our bodies.

Meal preparation is still one of the biggest struggles for me…mind you, I have always struggled in the kitchen, no fault of the rv.  In a kitchen I am like a fish out of water, flopping around not knowing what in the hell I’m suppose to be doing. Now I just have less room to flop and I do a lot of flopping of food. Seems like I’m always wiping up the floor. Hence the reason why Bella feels she must be under foot. She feels her duty is to be a vacuum cleaner of all things edible. So while I’m spinning between the sink and the dining table (aka my desk) she is scrabbling. The clicking of her nails on the wood floor is a constant. So the kitchen becomes a cacophony of “oh shits”s and “watch it”s. But I don’t care to always go out to eat. We could, but sometimes we don’t care to deal with the crowds, and it is really getting crowded down here.

We successfully had a family dinner at the nest, a welcome-back for mom and dad. Fit everyone quite well. Helped that I prepped dinner before hand and put it in the crock pot. Nothing like a good bowl of chili, some corn bread and a fresh salad from vegis from our very own farmer’s market on sight on Saturdays. Mom and dad seemed to have enjoyed it, along with leftovers.

Ramblers Rest is getting fuller and fuller. It’s fun to see people coming in and setting up their outdoor arrangements of tables, snappy colored chairs and landscaping their squirt of space with yard art and plants.  Satellite dishes are all facing the same way, like flowers reaching for the sun on their floral faces.

My favorite camp/home sights are the eclectic and colorful ones. Those that show personality and pizzazz. Some come alive at night with party lights and the smells of campfires in the air, now that it’s cooler, takes me right back to my childhood and camping at the Waterloo Recreation area on SE MI. Camping is in my blood.

Now that it gets dark early it’s entertaining to walk or ride the golf cart around at night. I love being able to see inside some of the park units and see how people decorate. I guess I am a bad. But what the hell, some people just don’t care if they live in a fish bowl. I, personally, don’t like people looking in, so my shades get shut at night. Ha.

Randy’s been steadily, and sometimes not so tolerantly, working on getting satellite tv in our rig. For the last 2 weeks he’s been positioning between the trees. Finally got a signal Friday, just in time for non-stop, pre-thanksgiving, Christmas movies on Lifetime TV.  Fuck me~lol.

Here’s some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

November decorations at a nearby site.

November decorations at a nearby site.

This colorful and funky little place makes me happy.

This colorful and funky little place makes me happy.

A street in the hood.

A street in the hood.

Yard ornament.

Yard ornament.

A view of the pool.

A view of the pool.

A slew of canoes.

A slew of canoes.

Park unit.

Park unit.

Moon over a repurposed school bus.

Moon over a repurposed school bus.

The magnificent and majestic Myakka River.

The magnificent and majestic Myakka River.

Even tho’ we love our little nest, one still needs to fly. Gotta go spread my wings…until next time.

Living Lightly~5

imageWell, I can now say I’ve some…not growing pains, but shrinking pains.  I’ve had some rough, emotionally frustrating days here in the motor home.  A combination of my sensitive nature, mixed with adjusting to the down-sizing.  NOTHING is the same, but I try to also keep in mind that EVERYTHING is temporary.

Dealing with the technological issues is one of the biggest pains!  I threatened yesterday to throw ALL of my devices in the river.  Too bad I’m horribly against litter, or maybe that’s a good thing.

Every day it seems like I have to clean up a spill.  Often it’s Bella’s drinking water, or our food.  Cooking and the lack of counter space is one of my thorns, but I’m determined to work through it and to get creative.  Also need to revamp, once again, my desk/work area.  My mind is racing with ideas, got up in the middle of the night to scan Pinterest.  Got a couple of possibilities.

An issue I also have, is that having a fused ankle in a small sppace is like having a hook on my leg.  Seems to want to latch onto everything and drag it around with me…FOR REAL!?  Clothing, cords, the dog, you name it, it’s been hooked and dragged to another location.  Funny, but not.

So yesterday I took a nice long solitary walk to the river, laid a few tears upon the tide and said good bye to them.  On my way back to the RV, I rounded a corner and came across a man walking his dog.  Not an ordinary man, this man put me in my humble place as soon as I saw him, more so after we talked.  He had NO LEGS…he was riding a kid’s hover board so he could walk his dog, having the time of his life with his new-found toy.  He had such a great spirit and seemed so blissful.  He affected me without knowing it.  I love moments of clarity such as that!

So today, I woke up feeling grateful and more peaceful.  It’s gonna be a good day!  I even ate breakfast with a few ants. After they drowned in my milk, I couldn’t tell them from the crumbs of shredded wheat, and I didn’t cry!

Life is good!

Crazy Mofos For Sure~

Are we crazy???  At times, I really think we are.  But when we talk things over, and pencil things out, it just seems like our unorthodox ways work for us.  And in this particular case, they had better.

We are doing it, yep, shake your head if you’d like, but we are selling our beautiful home and our eclectic 01b22de98b3c542c63114ef031cfc921bdd68901e4array of belongings and moving into our motor home.

This decision did not come lightly, took a lot of research, questions, and some questions with answers, a lot of “i don’t knows” and a wee bit of gypsy on our part.  Randy really appealed to me when he said that it would be a fun way to test our skills.  I have to say that’s true, we pretty much know what we can do with a typical property, so let’s see how we do living in this rather Bohemic way. Well, not totally Bohemic, if you’ve seen our RV in previous posts, you know…

But it’s been a process.  A process of changing the way we look at things, the items we’ve accumulated over the years.  Things that have been near and dear to my heart for the time, the place, the people that are connected to those items.  So things have been gifted to many, sold and donated.  It takes time and the proper state of mind.  I’m kind of an expert packer…this will be my 29th time moving in my 58 years. The catalyst is that both of my husband’s wrists are deteriorating and he needs to take a much needed break from using tools, which means we are through, for the time being, of fixing houses up for ourselves.  Home ownership will not be in our future for perhaps a year or so, longer if we like living lightly.  Living Lightly…I like the sound of that.

We will stay local for the time being, not wanting to leave the Venice area, family and friends, and of course we will continue to work.  Not near enough to retirement age.  Just need to take a time out, won’t help the damage done to Randy’s wrists, but it may prolong the inevitable (they are talking a double fusion).

So stay tuned for what could be the ride of our lives~the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Living Lightly~

Already, So Soon

The Carousel Goes Round and Round~

The Carousel Goes Round and Round~

And just like that, we have passed the last day of the first month of the new year.  Couldn’t even tell you where I’ve been or why I haven’t been posting, life is just a whirlwind at times.The carousel continues on its path, wearing ruts in the grass; stuck going round and round, gaining no new ground.

I’ve been on the carousel.

I survived the gray days that came over me near the holidays. Whew, that’s all I’m gonna say. Also survived an odd series of rainy and dark days, weeks, in a normally dry Florida winter season. Mother E is reminding us of who is in charge of things…Nature; exquisite, exotic, maddening, defiant beauty that She is.  Bending our arms back with the pure power of her force, forcing us to look her in the eye. I hide my head in shame for the actions of those that lack respect.

So like many, I look to the new year as a time to reflect, take inventory, and revisit goals, try to regain control (like we ever had any).  At least if I think about these things, maybe make a few lists, take down a couple notes and do a little research, I feel better about myself.  OK, maybe not initially, but eventually.  Kind of like watching yoga on TV, I feel better afterwards, I stand taller, breathe deeper.  Just imagine how good I’d feel if I’d actually get down with some yoga moves (which I do, I’m just not religious about it, or anything).

So I’m off on a pretty good start for 2016. Have been dealing with a cold and the gray days, but the blues have been staying at bay.  I was re-energized by time spent with my sissy and her hubby.  I’ve lived in Florida for 12 years now, and have dear friends here and it feels like home, but there is something to be said about being with someone that knows you, I mean really ‘knows’ you, like a sister.  She represents so much to me, besides family. She represents roots and memories, hope and perseverance, stability and determination, my youth and my place.  Of course I could go on, but I shall refrain for the time being.

So I welcome myself back, from where I do not know, and I welcome you back.  Sometimes I just go.  Sometimes even I can’t stand myself (ha), but I know that eventually my colorful, funky, funny self will return.  Rest assure.  I always return…

beautiful lifeI am back.


The Keys~

Off on our first real adventure in the RV down to the Keys to meet up with our dear friends from Michigan, Marcus and Jen, celebrating her 3 year anniversary of LIFE, having survived a brain aneurysm. We are all very grateful. The world would have suffered a huge loss.


Sadly, it has done nothing but rain, a warm rain, not complaining because I’m sure we all need the rest.

The drive here was great. The RV handles so well on the road. Nothing like the Independent we used to own. Here’s a pic I took while traveling Alligator Alley.


Yesterday we decided to schlep around Key West in the rain, just like the last time Randy and I were here. So did a lot of dodging into shops and walked some side streets. Of course, lunch was at Hog’s Breath.

Hog’s Breath Saloon

A wet Key West

Our wet camp site with a view of the gulf. Our wet camp site with a view of the gulf.

Will check back in with the world in a few days. Hope every one has been healthy and happy.

On being grateful~


Thanksgiving is upon us, happy turkey day and all the trimmings that go with that greeting, sincerely.  I’ve been under the weather, so not feeling real festive, and now Randy’s feeling puny too.  So we will dream of pumpkin pie and whipped cream, since the sensory of smell and taste have left the building. We will dream of being with our family and extended family, so we don’t share our germs.

Just a reminder (and note to self) that gratitude should be felt daily, first thing when our feet hit the floor…ok, so maybe after that first sip of coffee, which I’m always grateful for!

And please, please be kind!!  Always, in all ways. Doesn’t cost a thing, yet brings peace to the hearts of those around you. Rudeness seems to be plentiful, already, so soon. Holiday stress is real and starts earlier every year. Let’s all just try to put attitude and differences aside, learn a new way. Put a smile on your face and forge ahead.

See you at the next red light.

(and if this makes no sense, i apologize, common sense has slipped out the door with taste and smell, hopefully to return soon)

Happy Thanksgiving All, I am grateful for YOU~

Crazy mofos 2~

Randy and I have different styles of attacking a project.  I like to let a house ‘talk to me’ and tell me what would bring it to life.  So no-doubt that is how I thought we’d approach the rv remod.  But I’ve been married to my husband for 27 years, you would certainly think I would know better, perhaps it’s more a matter of wishful thinking.

Randy wakes up in the wee hours of the morning, I’m talking like 2:00 a.m.  I have to admit, we do go to bed way earlier than normal folk. I’m the daughter of a farmer, so it’s natural to me to go to bed with sun and wake up with the sun. We LOVE the mornings, but he really loves the mornings.  So before I even got used to the fact there was this monstrosity in our yard, he had the old carpet tore out.  Not complaining, ’cause he sure does get things done, and beside that…the carpet was some kind of Ugly!

It has great bones!

~~Click here to see before pictures~~

Bella’s mishap~

This is my little fluff muffin (no comments on that please! lol), or my hairy tumor (must be said with a New York accent).  She was a gift to myself at the age of 50! First puppy I’ve ever had, and what a joy.  She just turned 7 on October 20th, so yes, for you mathematicians, that makes me 57.

 Baby Bella Donna White

Baby Bella Donna White

In the mornings we walk around the neighborhood, getting out to stretch our legs and breathe in some fresh air before we start our day.  We love this time together; saying good day to the squirrels and the hood cats, with an occasional nose-to-nose hello.  More folks are returning to their winter homes, so we stop and let them pet Bella ‘because all humans were created for her’, you know.  I spend my time looking for photo opportunities and encouraging Bella to stay focused.

~~Read about Bella’s mishap~~

If you only knew~


I think by now, it’s widespread knowledge that laughter is truly a miracle tonic, with euphoric affects. Take a second or ten and read up on some of the benefits of laughter here.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love to laugh, and cut up, and act the fool. I often wonder why I didn’t give standup comedy a try. Still might. My thoughts go all over the place, zany stuff that shocks even me at times.  I’m always cracking myself up. Maybe that’s why I don’t mind my own company.  I find myself quite amusing.

So what kind of things tickle your fancy?  What makes you grasp your side from laughter?  What makes your cheeks hurt from the smiles that can’t be contained?

We need to remain childlike, find the wonderment with the world we once had and laugh from the belly when it tickles our fancy. The benefits far out way the risks…I promise.