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We took the beast for a trial run this weekend. Didn’t venture far, just an hour away to Arcadia, FL, cow country.  It’s good to get away from the eddy that is living on the edge, also known as the coast. Went to hang with my parents for a spell.

So we packed up our tools, paint, yada, yada, you know it can’t be a relaxing vacay.  Only went from Friday to Sunday so I can’t really even call it a vacay.

We just needed to give the ol’ girl a try. Did I tell you she is a 2000, with 47k miles?  She handles good on the road according to Randy. We had an Indendence motor home a while back and he did NOT like the way it drove. He said it felt top heavy and light. He never felt comfortable driving it. Thank goodness his brother didn’t mind chauffeuring us around.

Independence RV

Independence RV

Some of the things that Randy really liked on this motor home, some of which the Independence didn’t have, were the generator, gray and black water rinse system, a large refrigerator/freezer (with an ice maker), a washer/dryer combo unit, covers on all of the awnings, along with window awnings, and I liked the nice screen door.

IMG_6629 IMG_6630 IMG_6631

These are the fun things we got to work with during the weekend…

IMG_6624 IMG_6645

We were actually able to get a lot of little things done with our table full of goodies.  We didn’t tow a vehicle, we just took our golf cart, good thing Walmart was across the damn road…my husband!!  See what the first thing he wants to do?  Put in a tv outside, like 2 inside aren’t enough (I don’t require any tv).  Funny thing though, he left the remote at home and you can’t do much without a remote these days.

So all in all, it was a fun weekend.  Got to try out the air conditioner since it still feels like August here in SW Florida.  We actually have 2 air conditioners, and they actually shut off when they reach the right temp. That’s always nice, but not always the case.  It even rained and we had a great lightening storm, that was cozy.

Thus far, we must say, we’re happy with our purchase, she handles good and she won’t look like anybody else’s when we get done.

This is how we roll….

Stay tuned for the process.  Oh, and have a great day!

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