Crazy mofos 4~

Things have been in motion, stuff is getting done, progress is in effect!

Let me remind you of how UGLY the flooring in the motor home was before, Randy couldn’t take it!! That was the very first thing he did to it…rip and tear, and he’s off and running.

Flooring BEFORE

Flooring BEFORE

Rip and Tear

We had 4 choices of colored flooring to consider, only 2 were viable options compared to the color of the cabinets.  The lighter wood color with gray tones and a beach ‘feel’ lost out to the darker wood color with warm undertones. It seemed to offset the color of the cabinets and went better with some ideas I had rolling around in my head already. Randy liked it better and I had to agree. I hate when he’s right!


The lighter colors really looks nice with the lighter cabinet color. We did the bedroom in the wood also. Easier to keep clean.


The bathroom tile has been laid, but not grouted yet. I like the subway tile layout. Just the standard box store tile and carpet was used.

Randy’s good, he loves a challenge…he married me!!  He changed all the carpet out where we decided to keep carpet; under the dinette, under the sofa (essentially the whole slide-out area).  He even did all of the driver and passenger seating area, the hump looks good. It all looks good, and we know it’s clean. You know. Ew.

I found some fabric that I LOVE, and I have an idea for the kitchen back splash, get rid of the mirrors in the kitchen!! I’ve never reupholstered anything before in my life, but hey…let’s do this!

I get excited when ideas start coming together. It’s working!

This is poetry in motion.

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