Crazy mofos 5~

Back to the RV remod…SONY DSC

Ah, remember the UGLY back splash in the kitchen…but looky what I found!096

I really like the look and the embossing on it, they are quite simply to put up, just use a little adhesive and stick it up there. (Easy for me to say since Randy does all the cutting.) You can find these tiles at any Home Depot or Lowe’s, they have a few choices of colors and embossing. Not exactly cheap at about $20/square, but we didn’t need many.  Glad to get rid of the mirrors around the stove, and dated mirrors at that.  I think the brown against the off white Corian counter is a nice contrast.


We’ve started the ripping and tearing apart of the couch, eek, what were we thinking?! I’m more intimidated than Randy, but I’m making the cushions, which I’ve never done before and don’t have a pattern for.

097 UGLY material…be gone, fuckity bye, I say!!

But holy hello, what have I gotten myself into???  Look at this mess of fabric!!  I had to take step by step pics so I wouldn’t forget how they went together.
124 083

But this is what keeps me going with it…I LOVE this fabric I picked out for the couch.  LOVE it, did I say that?  So my colors are set, going with brown and whatever else that color is, it’s like a blue teal, aqua, not turquoise.  Leans towards the hue of blue than green .  No green in it.

I hope you’ve been enjoying watching us work and spend our money. Check back again soon, and tell your friends to give us a look-see.

And may peace be with you ALL.

Photo by Peter Hossfeld of North Trail RV, Fort Myers, FL

Photo by Peter Hossfeld of North Trail RV, Fort Myers, FL


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  1. Your blog reads like an ad for Home Depot or Lowe’s giving me a great idea.

    with Randy’s skills as a handyman and youŕ artistiç eye for interior design comblend with how quickly you work

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