Crazy mofos 6~

Fabric, fabric everywhere, I was having dreams about all this fabric!!


This kind of project can sure try your patience, but we are remembering to have fun with it and not to put pressure on ourselves to get it done.  Randy’s in charge of upholstering the frame, I am redoing cushions.

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My first EVER attempt at this. Took the old cushion apart and cut the new fabric to size. They had zippers in them, but I elected to make a flap in the back to stuff the stuffing back into it. Worked out great! 140

The old UGLY with the new. I’m gonna like this!!144

Along with the couch being done, we’re getting rid of the gold handles on the cabinets. We’re doing oiled bronze in the living/dining/kitchen areas, and brushed silver in the bathroom and bedroom.

All the light fixtures are gold also, really, really dates it. So the living and dining room lights are being painted a hammered brown and in the bedroom and bathroom they will be brushed silver.

01e46128743260800ef4ac8bd69623847260d1d139 014cd9d91b25ef14030801a4084abd34cfae262737 014011ee73d6d3a2e128964295597e9ecc3f709e5fIt’s these little details, that some people might never notice, that I think makes a subtle impact and gives a place an overall “ah” feeling.

103 Found this quilt. Love the colors and the print, and it was cheap!! Anyone that knows me knows I try to get a deal, hate paying retail.IMG_6628

Also found this cool sign that picks up on the colors we’re using. Next we’ll be tackling the dinette. But we’re gonna to take a work break during the Thanksgiving weekend, then we’ll be off to use it in the Keys.

So be sure to stay tuned, next RV restoration blog will reveal the finished couch, along with the lights, kitchen reveal and a lot of other happenings.

Wishing the best for you all always…in all ways.


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