Crazy mofos 7~

Are you ready?  Have you been eagerly waiting on the edge of your recliner?  Have you digested your turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie? Well, I’m ready to reveal the motor home thus far!  Got it to a point where we are actually gonna take it on the road for a little R & R, but I have a hunch Randy will be stowing away some tools and “play things” for him to work on while we are away.  Can’t slow that man down…and don’t want to!


Light fixtures have been painted, check. New cabinet hardware, check. New color on the bathroom cabinets doors!!  Yes, brilliant idea.

image6 image7

I like it, gives the bathroom area a whole different look, a little more masculine feel.  I like to try and keep a balance.  Yin and Yang.


The bedroom is done enough for now. The only thing left to do in there is recover the headboard and redo the window boxes.  Leaning towards a gray suede to pick up on the gray in the quilt.  Will also be making a sign for over the bed. Hard to explain it, so I’ll post pics when that’s done.


The kitchen now has the new back splash, new hardware on the cabinets and a really nice new faucet!  Thanks Randawg, it’s very beautiful.  We’re still debating on whether or not the vent hood should be painted.

But the couch…the couch!!  It’s my favorite thing.  I’m so proud of the way it turned out. We love it. Found some perfect pillows for it. The lights have been painted and they look perfect. It’s a sofa bed, never been used.


image1 (1)

Love it, love it, love it.

And we can’t wait to use it now.

Just a few minor things to do yet. Still have to redo the shower area, get rid of the UGLY fake gold color, need to recover the window boxes, and upholstery the dinette cushions, but I’m over working with fabric at the time, and anything else that needs done can wait until after the new year.

So for now, we are taking a much needed break and a little vacay.



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