Field of Poetry (audio & poem)~

field of poetry

i like to sit on the floor
and spread my words around me
surround myself with a field of poetry
let my toes turn the pages

i find comfort
in keeping their company
like family who needs
no explanations

i sit amidst engrossing content
concocted stories and stanzas
mystified as if
i didn’t write them

i am soothed by their smells
like fresh tilled country soil
unspoiled furrows of
dark rich earth
ready to give birth
to field corn and soybeans

i feel connected
with a tether of flesh
stronger than any baling twine
i don’t mind still being tied
to past evocations
those emotions are sustaining
remaining the only constant
in this representation of life

might i add
that i love the way they explain me
i’m hardly recognizable
memories intertwined with
others’ lives more interesting
than mine


i’m sitting on the floor
surrounded by a field of
sweet poetry

©Linda Neckel White

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