Let me just say, FU cancer!!


This month is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and by now, most of us know the dangers of not getting tested and doing self-exams.

Last year, at this time, our family was hit with the realness of cancer when our sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.   She had a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation and she is now cancer free!  Hallelujah to all the powers that be, or what I refer to as gPoTu (great power of the universe).  

For me personally, it shook my world…I mean really shook me.  The realization that my sister had cancer and could be taken from me, in such a way, was something I did not know how to process.  She hasn’t known me all her life (she is 2 years older), but she has been with me of my life.  That is something I could not fathom facing; a life without her.

I didn’t know what to do with all of that angst and panic and sadness and fear I was dog-paddling around.  I just wanted to scream “FUCK YOU CANCER” at the top of my lungs, loud enough that my sister could hear me, from my home in Florida, to the other peninsula of Michigan.  Since I have a dislike for the thought of being in lockdown due to a mental breakdown, I thought it best not to freak my neighbors out by yelling my seasonal-asthmatic-lungs out, although I considered it heavily!  Plus they have this thing here, in Florida, called the Baker Act.  Not something I want happening to me.

So I decided to take it to social media, give cancer a public FUCK YOU.  Naturally names such as FU Cancer and Fuck You Cancer were taken, so I came up with Give Cancer a FU on Facebook  and Instagram (#givecanceraFU) so everyone can express it.  The pictures people have sent in have been great, and the fact that whenever I’m feeling the urge to verbalize, I can do so.  Often naming who I’m expressing in thoughts of.  It’s actually fun and fulfilling.  A way for me to be proactive, since I couldn’t physically be with my sissy.

So I invite you to post pics on Instagram and use the hashtag #givecanceraFU, show your support for yourself, or those that you know that are suffering, for those that are striving and those that have soared on.  It’s empowering!

(photo was NOT taken by me)


2 thoughts on “Let me just say, FU cancer!!

  1. You, LGirl are so much part of my life and my soul. And knowing you were in any distress over my health makes me very emotional. I love you with all my heart. It was a year ago yesterday that I was told I had breast cancer. Shocking! How can that be? I’m a vegan and an ultra-marathoner and thought I was in the best of health. Last year alone I ran 8 marathons and 2 ultras and that can’t be possible if you have cancer, can it? I guess the answer is yes. Early in my years of running I decided I wasn’t going to let marathons defeat me. Since that time I’ve run 36 of them. So when I got my diagnosis I decided I wasn’t going to let cancer defeat me either. I knew I would beat this nasty disease but I had to rely on my family and friends every single day to help me get through it all. LGirl without your daily support it would have been so much harder. I needed your daily calls and to hear that you cared and loved me unconditionally. I needed my sister! FU Cancer! You are not defeating me. I have my support team and gPoTu.

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