Plant your pumpkin here~

Pumpkin season…my fav!  I love pumpkin everything that I’ve tried, so far.  I’m always looking for easy recipes since I’m not real fluent in the kitchen  I didn’t get that gene.  Shared this recipe with dad.

Got any recipes, fairly easy, that are tried and true?  Plant your pumpkin recipe here, let’s share.  

This is is what I’ve tried so far this year, snagged it off FB.

pumpkin muffins autumn yummy cake love laughter lunacy

Instead of classic yellow cake mix, I used spice. I threw in a handful of chopped walnuts.  I thought they were pretty good…little spongy, maybe.

So I’m going to try them again, but this time I bought a carrot cake mix and I’ll throw in walnuts and some old-fashioned rolled oats.  I like some texture to my food. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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