Precursor to Living Lightly

This is a precursor to the Living Lightly series. We unofficially moved out of our house Wednesday night and started staying on the RV.  Staying a whole 3 blocks from our house, so still in the hood.

Walk through on the house Thursday went great, that was the last major hurdle to clear and the buyers were pleased. So documents have been signed and it’s a done deal. As my brother said…we are official homeless.

But you all know that is not entirely the case. We are just attaching the word ‘home’ to a non-traditional style quarters.  I can make anywhere or anything a home.  We’ll see how I do on this residence

I’ve already been setting up some things, just to get a feel for where items are going to go and also because I’m an organizational freak, and maybe a wee bit OCD.  I just feel like life is so much easier and far less stressful when everything has its place (and gets returned to its place), like men with their tools.  I just hate wasting time looking for things. I don’t like to dawdle.

So here are some items and spaces I’ve been dinking with today while anxiously waiting to move to our 6 month home spot tomorrow morning. Woot!! Then we can REALLY set up our homestead.


Future office set up.



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