Shout out~

I’d like to give kudos to our realtor for the sale of our latest house.


Jeffrey Twigg of Bright Realty blew me away from the moment he walked into our home to give his presentation.  Even though Randy has had business dealings with Jeff prior, I had not met him, and he never worked ‘for’ us.  I was very impressed by his professionalism, he didn’t take the fact that he knew Randy into account, he came prepared to impress, and he did just that.

No question on whether or not he would represent us in this sale.  He knows his stuff, he knows the area, and he knows people.  He has a sense about him few people these days possess. His materials for the sale were of the highest quality and the pictures!!  Loved them!!  Great job by all~

PLUS the house sold in 5 days!  That’s it, one open house and the job was done. Fast, smooth, and the ink has dried.  Just like that.

We’ve bought and sold a lot of real estate, this was by far one of the best experiences.

Thanks Jeff!