Old Pilots (audio)~

I’m taking a break, for the moment, from my normal everyday routines, to honor those that have been brave enough to serve for our freedoms and our often self-centered selves.

Words are hard to come by for this poet, so I will share with you a poem written by a dear friend and fellow poet, the late Joseph Porter, aka the Mountain Man.  He asked me years ago to record this poem as a gift to him, and I was honored to do so!  This is Old Pilots


In loving memory to Joe Porter, Dan McHenry Hickey (Poet Laureate, Madison GA) and Robert White.  Salute~

To my daddy, John, and my brother, Mark; i love you and thank you dearly.  To Bill Barrington, granddad to my daughter-in-law, hugs.

To my new friend Ed Clary WWII Veteran from Bradenton, FL

And the countless others that have served with all they have/had!

(sorry if i didn’t mention you by name, there are so many to thank)

Hug an Elder (the tree and the human being)

Tree in Hard Labor State Park in central Georgia elder love laugh lunacy

Learn to love the elders, learn to listen to their stories.  There’s a youthful exuberance when they reminisce, a gleam in their eyes, a smile on their lips.

I listen, I mean really listen, and ask questions, unexpected questions and watch them blossom and bloom.  It’s amazing what a little watering and sun will do.

I love the elderly, I reverence their history.  I say we sage, not age, each gaining unique knowledge and perspective.  I like to tap that fountain, encourage them to share their wisdom in hopes that I am enlightened from some newly heard confession that heightens passion and stimulates the muse.

In that way, we share a rarity, we share life sustaining energy, to carry us both through yet another day.

So today, hug an elder…the tree and the human being.