Bella’s mishap~

This is my little fluff muffin (no comments on that please! lol), or my hairy tumor (must be said with a New York accent).  She was a gift to myself at the age of 50! First puppy I’ve ever had, and what a joy.  She just turned 7 on October 20th, so yes, for you mathematicians, that makes me 57.

 Baby Bella Donna White

Baby Bella Donna White

In the mornings we walk around the neighborhood, getting out to stretch our legs and breathe in some fresh air before we start our day.  We love this time together; saying good day to the squirrels and the hood cats, with an occasional nose-to-nose hello.  More folks are returning to their winter homes, so we stop and let them pet Bella ‘because all humans were created for her’, you know.  I spend my time looking for photo opportunities and encouraging Bella to stay focused.

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It’s all cool~

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I sooo welcome the lower humidity of SW Florida this mid-October. By the end of September, most of us that stay here year round are burned out by the sun, the heat and humidity. I love the feel of the sub-tropics, don’t get me wrong. And I actually like the feel of sweat on my forearm when I walk a few feet, across the street, to the mailbox. But by September, the air is thick and a lot of peeps be gettin’ sick ’cause the air just sits there…stagnant.   ~~>Come meet Bella!~~>