If you only knew~


I think by now, it’s widespread knowledge that laughter is truly a miracle tonic, with euphoric affects. Take a second or ten and read up on some of the benefits of laughter here.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love to laugh, and cut up, and act the fool. I often wonder why I didn’t give standup comedy a try. Still might. My thoughts go all over the place, zany stuff that shocks even me at times.  I’m always cracking myself up. Maybe that’s why I don’t mind my own company.  I find myself quite amusing.

So what kind of things tickle your fancy?  What makes you grasp your side from laughter?  What makes your cheeks hurt from the smiles that can’t be contained?

We need to remain childlike, find the wonderment with the world we once had and laugh from the belly when it tickles our fancy. The benefits far out way the risks…I promise.