My Teacher (poem)~


you said you’d never teach anyone

to cook again or spit poetry


you said the student out learns

                            the master

each generation grander

expectations higher than the one before it


but i beg you to continue

              to be my teacher

you add grandeur to my level life

inject wisdom into stagnant veins


you are my leader

feeder of my hopes and dreams

handing over the reigns when i am ready


you steady my breathing

steady my beating heart

you are the sea breeze under limp sails


you are the nail that holds my vision

neatly framed and matted


so please don’t stop teaching

i need you

I need to learn the lessons

so we can lead another generation to greatness


you are the sweetness

in the spring air

(for Maude Ena Headlam, aka Mummy, my teacher)

©Linda Neckel White