Step up~

kick bootyOh, we women are much more valuable than we ever give ourselves credit for.  We are strong, resilient and brave beyond belief.  The things that make us falter are hunger, anger, loneliness and being just plain tired…not to mention other people’s emotions (OPE), which is a huge one, since many women are empaths.  The blessing and the curse of being a sensitive human with our own emotions.

But we must remember, that without us, there would be no nations, no men, no children.  Our vaginas hold the key to life; birth being grandest of miracles.  How friggin’ phenomenal are we!!

Because of that and many more marvelous traits, we need to step UP, take the world back!!  Bring back the notion of love and nurturing one another.  I don’t mean be a servant or slave, even to your partner, I’m talking about the simple act of caring for a fellow human being, animal, life in general.  We have lost the softer side.  Embracing the feminine is not a bad thing…it is yin and yang.

Is that ever a bad thing??