The Keys~

Off on our first real adventure in the RV down to the Keys to meet up with our dear friends from Michigan, Marcus and Jen, celebrating her 3 year anniversary of LIFE, having survived a brain aneurysm. We are all very grateful. The world would have suffered a huge loss.


Sadly, it has done nothing but rain, a warm rain, not complaining because I’m sure we all need the rest.

The drive here was great. The RV handles so well on the road. Nothing like the Independent we used to own. Here’s a pic I took while traveling Alligator Alley.


Yesterday we decided to schlep around Key West in the rain, just like the last time Randy and I were here. So did a lot of dodging into shops and walked some side streets. Of course, lunch was at Hog’s Breath.

Hog’s Breath Saloon

A wet Key West

Our wet camp site with a view of the gulf. Our wet camp site with a view of the gulf.

Will check back in with the world in a few days. Hope every one has been healthy and happy.

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