The L behind Love, Laughter and Lunacy


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I really dislike talking about myself.  I’m a pondered, a listener, a catholic school survivor who believed ego was evil. So I struggle with that part of my personality, finding the balance between healthy and hard to stomach.

Most of my interests and talents, along with my unending questions will surface in this blog, so no reason to go into anything too deeply here.

But I will tell you that I believe each of us has an innate need to create, and if  we are not in a creative flow, we are off balance; depressed, discontent, discouraged.

Love Laughter and Lunacy is gift to all of us.  A place where we can come together to discuss life…this life we all hike up our britches and walk through daily. Let’s share the love, the laughter, the lunacy, in hopes of moving forward, slow and steady, keeping our wit and wits about us.

Not one of us will be unscathed, uninjured. We all carry our torch and feel pain. But here, we can share, and lift one another, ponder daily oddities and search for sychronicities.

I am no authority in life.  I have lived my life unsheltered and with an appetite for exploration. I’m not a world traveler, but I have certainly taken some remarkable trips.  Photography and writing and performing poetry are guaranteed to keep me in the now and pain free, but life keeps getting in the way.

The way will be found; on this journey, on these pages.  Sharing Love, Laughter and Lunacy will help us all to expand, to learn, to think and hopefully to revel in internal peace that bleeds out of the screen and out into society…I see a need.