Welcome to Venice~

I love photography, LOVE IT, mine, yours, old, new…does not matter.  I love that photos need no words to convey a message or a feeling, drumming up emotions.

I’m just a fan, never having had a class or a mentor, just me and my camera having a little fun. So I thought I’d share some of that fun with you all.  Some pictures need no captions, they will speak for themselves. Others may only conjure up feeling and memories for me, but often the words fail me.

Today’s journey takes you to Venice Florida…HOME.  Venice is located on the Gulf of Mexico, south of Tampa, north of Fort Myers.  Used to be a sleepy little coastal town, but the secret has gotten out and it is EXPLODING!  Not a good thing, but understandable when you see these pictures.

These are just some random shots I’ve taken mostly on the island of Venice, which is downtown, the beaches and the jetty. Shots were also taken off island, around the Venice area.  Take a ‘clic n see’, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as me.

(click on photos to get a closer look)


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